Horizontal LATTICE

With cable systems is possible to make semi-transparent envelopes and light facades designs. The increasing demand of this kind of systems has encouraged FTS to develop our own system.


FTS creates sunscreens envelopes formed by façade materials fixed with tensed steel cable nets.

These tensed cable nets bring us new possibilities in the Constructing and Architectural market. Different materials can be used such as:  ceramic, wood, stone, glass, WPC…


We can design new architectural envelopes for innovated project but also opens new opportunities in the restoration market.

The difference between traditional aluminum or steel profiles systems compared to tensed cable improves aesthetical performances Solar control is also increased, optimizing energy savings.


The installation of tensed cable systems is easy and fast, it does not require deep engineering structural knowledge. The fact that almost any kind of material can be fixed on these cable structure gives enormous flexibility to this system and it can be used in multiple applications. Simple and unique system with only three elements: cables, connections and cladding material.