ISICLIP Horizontal

New solution based on polymeric and stainless steel material for fixing terracotta louvers in horizontal position.


ISICLIP fixings have been designed by a group of architects and engineers considering the main terracotta specifications, such as NBK, CREATON, BUCHTAL, TERREAL, FAVETON, TEMPIO, MOEDING, ARGETON, BOSTON VALLEY, FAVEMANC, FRONTEK and others



ISICLIP fixing are made with different materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and high tech synthetic material adapted for all types of terracotta louvers and projects.

With this system we can offer customized solutions at very competitive, with the goal of having a nice facade, safe and economic.



1) This fixing remarks the horizontal louver projection and continuity. ​  2) It is made of high tech synthetic material and stainless steel.   3) Available for louvers with square internal holes between 31-36mm and 41-46mm.  4) Adapters available for round and triangle holes. 5) Anti-falling available.   6) Easy construction