FTS 701

Green Facade substructure system, is a wall PARTIALLY OR COMPLETELY COVERED WITH VEGETATION which includes a growing médium. It includes concealed fixing clamp.

  • It consist on “Ω” shaped aluminium vertical profiles, Oval aluminium horizontal profiles and and intermediate clips. Vertical profiles include EPDM rubber to ensure an accurate orientation and prevent any vibration.
  • Connection elements stainless steel self-drilling screws.  Wall Fixing by  stainless steel anchors.
  • Standard gap:  120 mm  ( wider or thinner available upon request).
  • Envelope thickness: adequate for  thickness between 20 mm and 30  mm.

Note: Vegetation may be done upon request. It supports  any type of plant including native plant. Profiles available on different sizes and thickness.

Green Architecture / Energy Efficiency

Biofiver combines the advantages of ventilated facades (ventilation, thermal insulation, ease of modules installation and replacement), aesthetics of green facades design (a great deal of different types of plants and flowers are ideal for use); environmental benefits derived from the use of sustainable, non-hydroponic system (low maintenance costs and little maintenance time), and air pollution reduction.

Final aspect is the same as we would in any continuous horizontal garden.