FTS 502A


Ventilated facade substructure system, specially recommended for EXTRUDED CERAMIC envelopes with alveolar section and small thickness. Concealed-connections system.

  • It consist on “L” shaped aluminium brackets, T-kind vertical aluminium profiles and horizontal profiles. Among the horizontal profiles there are intermediate, starting and top profiles. The back side of the tile is installed on the horizontal profiles. It includes a stainless steel piece to adjust and  prevent any vibration.
  •  Connection elements stainless steel self-drilling screws and wall mounting anchors.
  • Standard gap:  95 mm – 215 mm  ( wider or thinner available upon request).
  • Envelope thickness: adequate for  thickness between 14 mm and 20  mm


Note: anodizing and coating profiles upon request. Colour upon request too. T profiles and brackets available on different sizes and thickness.